BOSSCOOK bags for steam cooking

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LET'S READY TO COOK! Bags for cooking in the oven and microwave with adhesive closure

Delicious steamed meals that preserve all their nutritional properties. A quick and clean way to cook.

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Benefits of BOSSCOOK bags

Bags for cooking in the oven and microwave. The food is cooked in its own juice without oil, seasoning to taste, making it more tender, juicy and healthy.

  • The food preserves all its taste and vitamins.
  • Ideal for low fat diets to cook without oil.
  • Easy method, quick and clean cooking. Thousands recipes possible, healthy and tasty.
  • BOSSCOOK easy to cook for people with food intolerances
  • Space optimisation and reduction of cleaning time.
  • Alternative to ready meals and sandwiches
  • Dishes can be prepared to take away.
  • Recyclable bags and BPA-free.
  • 100% food safety
Any food intolerance?

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