Steam cooking

Steaming is one of the most healthy, economical and simple cooking techniques. Food is cooked only with the steam without the immersion in water or oil. In that way the vitamins and minerals of food are intact preserved, and also the flavours, aromas and colours. That cooking can be done with BOSSCOOK bags which offer tender, juicy and digestible food without using fats.


Traditionally the steam cooking has been associated to disease situation or digestive ills by the preconception of tasteless food, but it’s really the contrary because the tastes, smells, colors, texture of food are less altered. So when you prepare broccoli, you will eat with its entered flavor and texture; when you eat fresh prawns, you will savor the flavor of the sea.


      • The food preserves all its taste and vitamins.
      • In contrast to ready meals, you can choose it and buy it fresh.
      • For people who need a low-fat diet or to decrease cholesterol levels, steam cooking is particularly suitable.
      • Easy, quick and clean cooking method. You use fewer utensils, so you keep the kitchen cleaned and organized.


The vegetable cooking preserves all the nutritional properties in a quickly and cleanly way.
Suitable for fish such as salmon, trout and mullet, and also especially for seafood like mussels, clams and shrimp.
It is recommended to cook lean meats with vegetables, to take the vegetables steam generated in cooking. The meat will be tender and juicy. For extra flavor, you can add salt or spices.