BOSSCOOK offers to HORECA a new way to cook safely.

This bag opens new opportunities for health centers, catering, collective kitchens, restaurants and hotels through customised offerings of healthy steam cooking, individual serving portions, and highly recommended for people with special diets and food problems. BOSSCOOK allows you to cook individual meals with fresh produce ready to be served in a few minutes. This system offers a wide range of possibilities to improve the cooking methods of collectives kitchens, catering, restaurants, gourmet industry and health centers.

The individualised cooking with the BOSSCOOK bags ensures the control of the meals for people with food allergies and intolerances, by avoiding cross-contamination with other foods or utensils. Fresh produce already seasoned that is in the BOSSCOOK bag can be stored cold or frozen and cooked minutes before consumption. These bags offer a new set of cooking possibilities to enjoy a great taste and flavors that enhance the creativity of chefs, which allow them to benefit from a new cooking trend in the industry.


  • You can prepare fresh products and then freeze them. 

  • Sides dishes in few seconds/minutes and ideal for tapas, bar without kitchen…

  • The bags ensures the control of the meals for people with food allergies and intolerances.

  • Box dispenser of 500 bags.

  • Recyclable, lightweight and easy to use.

  • 100% food security

  • Possibility to personalize the upper face.