BOSSCOOK are bags with an adhesive closure to cook in the oven and microwave, capable of regulating its internal pressure during the cooking process. The food is cooked in its own juice or seasoning to taste, making the food more tender, juicy and healthy.

It is so easy to cook with BOSSCOOK that it is suitable for everyone, and especially for people with cholesterol or low-fat foods need , people with intolerances and food allergies, children and senior people.

How it works

  1. Add the ingredients in the bag and season to taste. Place the bag on a plate (microwave) or tray (oven). Do not puncture. To seal the bag, remove the paper and stretch the sides.
  2. During the cooking process it can increase the internal pressure of the bag, for that reason the BOSSCOOK self-sealing system acts as a temperature regulator letting out the stream gradually.
  3. When the food is cooked, wait 30 seconds. Carefully remove the dish / tray with the bag, cut with scissors and serve.
Cooking times


200ºC/ 392ºF Maximum temperature

Pre-heat the oven before cooking

40 min maximum time

800W maximum temperature

30 min maximum time


Food can be frozen and cooked after thawing.

Steam cooking

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Food intolerances

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Bags without Bisphenol-A